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  • Period04 is a computer program especially dedicated to the statistical analysis of large astronomical time series containing gaps. The program offers tools to extract the individual frequencies from the multiperiodic content of time series and provides a flexible interface to perform multiple-frequency fits.

  • Reference:
    The package has been published in 'Communications in Asteroseismology':
    Lenz P., Breger M. 2005, CoAst, 146, 53

  • Questions, suggestions or complaints?
    Please contact: Patrick Lenz

  • Latest news:
    --- 2021-02-02: Period04 v1.2.9.3 has been released.
    This version offers improvements in plotting and batch processing. Please have a look at the Changelog for details.



  • Period04 is a Java/C++ hybrid program. Therefore, to run the program a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed. Users have two options:

    • - Download the Period04 package which includes the most recent Java Runtime Environment. No separate Java installation is required.

    • - Use a JRE that is available on your system. To do so open a shell or a command prompt and type 'java -version'. If the command is not found Java is not properly installed. In this case you have to download it from www.java.com/en/download/ (it's free).


  • The installers will guide you through the installation process. When you start Period04 for the first time, a dialog will appear reporting that the Period04 preferences file has been created. Click on 'Ok'.
    If you have any problems please have a look at the FAQ section or write an email to Patrick Lenz.


Version 1.2.9

Version 1.2.0

Source Code Repository

    last update: 2021-03-16